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Sagittarius New Moon Forecast

Giulio Rocco
Oct 6, 2017

I didn’t want a terrific New Moon to pass without comment so here, quickly, is the current state of heavenly affairs and how to make the most of this New Moon in Sagittarius and this week.

First of all, let’s talk about the power of a New Moon. A New Moon is the monthly cycle that occurs when the Moon, invisible on Earth, is in perfect alignment with the Sun. The Sun is pure energy, pure formless vitality radiating in every direction, but it is unfocused. The Moon, as a refection of the Sun, gives focus and form to the Sun’s radiance. As the Moon passes the Sun, it is revitalized once again to give form to our hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires. We can tap into this creative process by aligning our conscience and subconscious minds to this Lunar cycle. Knowing what to focus on and call into existence can make a great deal of difference.

Sagittarius is a buoyant, jovial, fun-loving sign, that loves to live life to the fullest extent. But lately, with Saturn the taskmaster in Sagittarius, life has felt harder than usual, with added responsibility and sometimes, a breakdown of faith. This New Moon signals that it’s time revive our spirits, enjoy the company of loved ones and friends, relax and start dreaming of our next adventures. Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance is helping the Moon soften Saturn’s harsh realities and Neptune is sending a dreamy beam of idealism into the mix.

Here’s how to maximize the Sagittarius New Moon for your sign (or better yet, your rising sign!):

Have you been dying to get away but circumstances seem to keep you from jetting off to far away places? Have interesting, exotic, or unusual experiences been on your mind? Saturn in your house of overseas travel has been keeping you anchored ashore, but with Jupiter in your partnership house and Mars in your house of friendship, now is a great time to plan such a vacation (or take a class, or plan an experience) and bring everyone along. Just make sure your plans are thoroughly grounded in reality (Saturn).

Have your most intimate relationships felt a little lackluster? Has the ice man cometh in the bedroom department? It’s time to thaw out the Cold Miser (Saturn) and spice up your love life. The New Moon in your House of Sex and Intimacy is getting support from Jupiter, the planet of luck in your work day sector and Mars in your career sector. You could meet someone new at work who treats you to some mind broadening experiences. If you’re attached, now would be a great time to take a bonding, physically demanding trip together (like hiking or sailing).

Have you been going it alone lately, Gemini? Have your partners and friends seemed a little distant or has it been you? Either way that’s not your favorite thing. Help is on the way with this New Moon in joyful Sagittarius. For the next month the Sun is shining in your partnership house and Jupiter is giving good angle from your house of happiness and joy. If you’ve been a Cold Miser lately now would be a great time to cozy up to your loved one(s) and let them know you truly care. You’ll be rewarded amply for your efforts.

Has life felt like all work and no play lately? Has your health and vitality been a little on the low side? The new Moon in Sagittarius is a great moment to re-commit to your health and well-being goals. With Mars touring Aquarius in your house of intimacies now would be a good time to try some alternative healing such a reiki, acupuncture or, dare I say, an astrology reading! And this month make sure you’re getting enough loving-care. Take time out to enjoy your home by inviting loved ones over for some quality time, play, and much needed laughter.


Have you been searching for a creative outlet, but coming up short on inspiration? Have you been struggling to find your center of joy? At this New Moon in Sagittarius it’s important to remember the genius of being a child at play. Quiet your mind and start your quest anew by curiously observing the natural world around you. Inspiration will strike by allowing your natural faith and intuition to take over. Walks in your neighborhood and talks with your closest friends will help refresh your creative spirit.

Have you been questioning your deepest values, your sense of where you call home, your life path forward? Has your home been lacking the comfort that you’re used to? Saturn, in your house of foundations and values, is forcing you to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, is in your financial sector making this a beneficial time to sell your assets or move residence. And the New Moon in Sagittarius is here to give you renewed faith that you are, in fact, on the right path.

Have you been at war with you mind, dear Libra? Have you felt isolated lately and a bit disillusioned by what you witness in your world? Right now you are gathering facts and making sense of your immediately reality. What is true? Who is right? And how do I fit in? With abundant Jupiter in your house of identity this New Moon is a good time to re-build faith in yourself by remembering the joy of learning through direct experience. Go out and meet life and you will meet yourself.

Have your finances taken a hit lately, Scorpio? Have you had to make adjustments to your livelihood or perhaps even your sense of self worth? Saturn in your house of resources is asking you to build a rock-solid financial and inner sense of worth. This New Moon in Sagittarius is a great time to double-down on your efforts and pull in help from the cosmos by way of Jupiter, the planet of faith and abundance in your house of healing. Tap into Jupiter’s bliss by taking time for centering practices like yoga, meditation, listening to music or spending time in nature.

And now we come to you, dear Sagittarius, the star of this column, and let’s be honest, you deserve some air time for bearing the full force of Saturn for the last year. Saturn has been touring your house of Self and Identity, tearing down that which is worn out, isolating you so you can work on yourself, and challenging your deepest beliefs. You haven’t been your buoyant self lately, but you’ve been growing up and learning some much needed self-discipline. Can you retain your joyful optimism in-spite of Saturn’s challenges? That is the real challenge. Luckily, the New Moon in your sign is here to lift your spirits and remind you that nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists.

Have you withdrawn into yourself lately? Are you obsessing over the past and ruminating on perceived failures? Saturn in your house of endings has been asking you to clear out and make way for a new beginning, but it’s not quite time. Use this New Moon in Sagittarius to discover old worn out patterns that no longer serve you. Jupiter is currently touring your 10th House of ambition and public recognition, but you may feel reticence to step into the limelight. Accept your accolades but know that in the coming years you will meet the world again with renewed vigor.

Have you been feeling cut off from friends or isolated from your community? Everyone has been feeling the rancorous state of the world recently, but you most acutely, dear Aquarius. With Saturn in your house of idealism and hope, your faith in humanity may be shaken of late. The New Moon in Sagittarius will stir up your sense of possibility and enliven your imagination. With support from idealistic Jupiter in your house of higher consciousness and your ruler, Uranus, in your house of communication, this is a great time to meet up with friends, co-conspirators, and like-minded thinkers. It’s a good time to come together and make plans to build a better future.

Have you been working to the brink of exhaustion? Have you been given extra responsibilities, but little in the way of recompense? Hold steady, dear Pisces! In spite of the career pressure this is a fortuitous time for you. All year Saturn has been touring your house of career, ambition, and fame, giving a heavy workload, but also increasing your visibility. At the same time Neptune, your ruler, has been creating a fog around your sense of identity. Are you more than your work? Of course you are. Use this joyful New Moon in Sagittarius to catch your breath. Disconnect from the world of worry and enjoy intimate time with a parter or a fun time out with friends. You’ll come back with a fresh perspective.

Giulio Rocco

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