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Astrology and the 45th President

Giulio Rocco
Oct 6, 2017

The moment Donald Trump took office as the 45th President at exactly Noon on January 20th gave birth to his presidency and therefore a birth chart. This moment also gave birth to a strong oppositional movement. At zero degrees Aquarius, the Sun at the very top of this presidential chart, is at diametrical odds with Mr. Trump’s bombastic personality and his isolationist, regressive agenda. Aquarius is the Water Bearer pouring forth the waters of pure consciousness, lifting up and uniting all people. The sign of Aquarius is the axis opposite of Trump’s rising sign at the critical last 29th degree of fiery Leo. Early 20th century astrologer Evangeline Adam wrote “Aquarius represents humanity progressing by the aid which it gives others, the woman is the Egyptian Goddess Isis; she pours forth science, progress, nobility of thought and conduct…giving freely to others.” She offers this quote by Thomas Paine as a typical expression of the Aquarian gospel, “Every man a brother, every woman a sister, the world my country, to do good my religion.” It seems the very Sun itself will be at odds with Mr. Trump and his God Bless America (and no one else) philosophy.

I love the visual of the Goddess Isis pouring the waters of consciousness from her high position in the 10th House of authority and patriarchy at the time of Trump’s oath-taking. The weekend Women’s March 0n Washington could not be a more pointed execution of the Aquarian ideal.

The Trump administration will face off with the tidal force of feminine water. When Trump took office Neptune, Venus and Mars were joined together in Pisces, the most watery, spiritual and ego-defeating sign in the Zodiac. Mars, that most masculine of planets, is in a particularly troubling spot for Mr. Trump. Evangeline Adams had this to say about Mars in Neptune’s home, “In Pisces Mars reaches the very depths of misfortune. The sign is watery, receptive, sensitive, psychic, the very antithesis of the fiery, dominant, brutal, material planet. Very few people with this detrimental position, unless strongly aspected, reach any remarkable goal; even the greatest of men are so hampered in their external expression that their greatness passes unremarked.”

January 2017 Inauguration

These planets meet together in the natural home of Aquarius, the 11th House of community organizing, social consciousness, and collective goals. Meanwhile, across the dial, the Moon, symbol of the Universal Mother resides in powerful, emotional Scorpio opposing the birth time of this chart, and this President. Power is rising from water, from women and as we saw over the weekend, water is an unstoppable force.

Giulio Rocco

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